The testicles produce sperm that travels through a tube called the vas deferens. The vas deferens continues to travel through the prostate before joining with the vas on the other side to become the urethra. During a vasectomy, each vas deferens are cut and sealed off. This blocks sperm from reaching the semen ejaculated from the penis, creating semen without sperm. The testicles produce less sperm after a vasectomy, but they are absorbed by the body internally.

A vasectomy is more effective than any other method of birth control, besides abstinence. Because vasectomies don’t affect testosterone levels, the side effects of vasectomies are slim to none.

Vasectomies are performed in our Downtown Squamish clinic. There is no hospital visit and no GP referral required.

  •  no shaving prep required
  • we provide the patient with 12-hour pain relief via local freezing which most clients do not feel much pain after the freezing wears off
  • you may shower and have alcohol on the day of the procedure
  • most people go back to work the very next day

The procedure is performed by Dr. Gerhard Malherbe our Medical Director, General Practitioner and Dermatologist who has enhanced surgical skills (GPwESS) and surgical training. ‍Contact us for more information or to book your consultation. No referral required.

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