55 year old gentleman with prominent varicosed veins

55 year old gentleman with prominent varicosed veins

A 55 year old gentleman with prominent varicosed veins was referred by his GP in Squamish to our vein clinic.

Varicosed Veins Squamish


Variscose Veins run in his family and he had symptoms of HASTI (heaviness, aching, swelling, tiredness and itching). This patient also had restless leg syndrome (leg discomfort at night). Due to his occupation he was either sitting or standing and this made things worse as the day progressed.
He came in for full ultrasound mapping of his legs and Dr. Malherbe identified reflux (flow towards the feet) in certain superficial veins in each leg. It was also confirmed the presence of healthy deep veins (this is very important before we close down superficial veins…there must be health flow back to the heart after we are done treating the legs).


He came is twice a week for treatments and Dr. Malherbe used a chemical injected under ultrasound guidance (after the ultrasound guided the placement of needles). This then stopped the flow of blood and inflamed the vessels in order to create scarring that permanently stop/reduce reflux.
Follow ups occurred to document closure and cessation of reflux, also to ensure the deep veins remain healthy throughout treatment.
Despite temporary bruising and staining of the skin, the HASTI symptoms immediately subsided and he is able to do his work unhindered (also during treatment he was able to keep working despite wearing the compression).


He and Dr. Malherbe were very satisfied and he continues to refer clients to us!
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